10X Lesson Plans

We know how much time it can take to develop effective and engaging enterprise education resources. That's why we have created ready-to-teach lesson plans that introduce budgeting, investment and long-term savings to young people in a fun and engaging way.

Each lesson plan contains easy to follow guidance for educators making them easy to deliver whether you are new to delivering financial education or are already teaching it.

The 5 lessons can be delivered flexibly, across the academic year, to introduce important financial topics to your students. They can also be delivered as preparation to the challenge alongside the 10X DIY project or alongside the 10X Challenge. 

The lessons are:

Short, medium and long term goal

This short lesson plan introduces students to the concept of short, medium and long term financial goals through a post-it collage that your students create.

Card matching

This short lesson plan introduces learners to the various types of long term savings and investment and helps them to understand why people might choose different options to achieve their financial goals.

Attitude towards risk

This lesson plan will help learners understand what attitude towards risk is by going through a personality style quiz.

Personal budget

This lesson plan introduces learners to personal budgets and how to balance them through various actions.

Long term savings and investment scenario

This lesson plan will help to reinforce learning about long term savings (LTS) and investment by using real life scenarios.

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