The Challenge

How it works

Over four weeks young people will use a £10 pledge to get their business ideas off the ground.

A highly interactive and fun programme introducing enterprise and financial education and enhancing key skills, including communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and confidence.


Four Week Challenge Plan 


The four weeks of the Challenge are outlined below:

1 - Here's £10!

Teams research and decide on a product or service to invest their £10 in.

2 - Getting started

Teams need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events.


3 - Keep it going

Students get their product or service ready and promote their selling events.


4 - Payback and keep the profits

At end of the Challenge students decide how to spend or donate their profit after repaying £10 pledge plus £1 legacy contribution to support the 10X bank.

Weekly Competitions


At the end of week 1 and week 3 students will have the opportunity to enter competitions.

Week 1 - Logo Design

We look for logos which create impact and communicate the product or service to customers.

Week 3 - Sales Pitch

Imagine students only have 60 seconds to sell their product or service, what would they say?

The judges will look for evidence of innovation, creativity and problem solving within all the awards alongside stories of teamwork and personal development.

National Competition


The National 10X Challenge Competition runs at the end of the four-week programme.

There are four different awards:
  1. Best Overall Team/Business
  2. Best in Sustainability
  3. 10X for Good
  4. Most Inspiring Individual


Check out the 10X Challenge Showcase 2023 for inspiration

Watch the Introductory Masterclass to prepare for the 10X Challenge 2024


Find out more about 10X in our brochure.


10X Brochure


Please check the Terms and Conditions for guidance on products and services which can be traded under Young Enterprise’s insurance. Organisations must ensure that they have the appropriate insurance in place for products and services not covered by YE’s insurance policy.


Looking for something that you and your young people can do before the Challenge starts?

Why not check out our 10X DIY and lesson plan resources. These resources provide an easy way for young people to take their first step into enterprise and financial education and prepare them for the 10X Challenge.